Customer Testimonials

“There is not much to say other than Mrs B was thrilled by your agency’s service. She returned happy and satisfied. I could even hear and see her face smiling while talking on the phone. She especially praised her guide who accompanied her on the entire stay. The hotel selection she said was perfect. Her highlight was Havana itself, although she was happy having seen other places, specially Trinidad. All over she made me very jealous. I can’t wait to catch the next opportunity to visit Cuba and say hello in person to you. Thank you for your kind and professional services. You’re sure to be my next partner on a Cuba request.”

SB – Independent Agent, Turkey

“We had a super time, thank you very much. Fascinating country, we had some delicious meals in the paladars and enjoyed meeting all the guides. It will be interesting to see how things evolve there over the coming years, I had the sense that things are changing slowly, but most Cubans have little knowledge of the outside world. Amazing I am now reading ‘’Our man in Havana’’ again! Our friends that have been only really saw the beaches, and I think we had a much better insight into the country. Our thanks to you and your team for all your efforts.”

Frances, UK

“Thank you so very much for organising such an excellent time in Cuba for us. The restaurants in Havana were superb. We were particularly lucky in our driver, Jorge, who is also a knowledgeable guide and good company. Everyone provided/organised by your company was efficient and charming. The Buenavista was pleasantly quiet which was a relief! They offer Spanish lessons and my husband was the only taker so had one on one lessons for an hour each morning. Very spoilt. We packed a lot into the two weeks but all four of us had a really good experience.”


“My family and I would like to thank you for the great memories that we brought with us from Cuba. Certainly we wouldn’t have been able to make it without you. It goes without saying that I will give a good word about your company to any friend and acquaintance planning to visit Cub. The highlights of the trip were the tour in the old American convertible car, Chef Ivan’s restaurant, 1514 restaurant in Trinidad and Mercedes’ house in Trindad. All the best!”

Biland Sadek, Turkey

“Planning an island tour of Cuba with a boisterous 2-year old seemed a daunting task to tackle independently, which is why we first contacted Esencia Experiences to plan an itinerary that would incorporate expert local knowledge on suitable accommodation as well as ensuring that we didn’t miss out on all the varied treats that Cuba has to offer. We certainly weren’t disappointed. The casa particulars arranged for us were very child friendly, with our son treated like one of the family from the moment we arrived. Esencia ensured we had the right combination of privacy and easy access to our son’s room wherever we stayed. Anyone planning on visiting Cuba with a small child should not be deterred by any expected inconvenience. It’s difficult to imagine how anyone could have been more accommodating or welcoming wherever we journeyed.”

J Russell, Jersey

“Earlier today, whilst smoking a fragrant Cohiba, sipping a strong Espresso and reminiscing on a truly memorable trip, I felt compelled to write and thank you for your kind assistance with our trip to Cuba. As our first visit there we were all amazed at the slick, courteous and knowledgeable service we were proffered. It really is a fascinating island and I believe we saw a rare side of Cuba that only enhanced the experience. The choice of restaurants, bars, excursions and shows were perfectly suited to our needs and I repeat that the people on hand to escort us were a match for any VIP tour I have ever experienced. I hope I can sum it up when the night after we left, the 6 of us were sat in a typically Americanised, characterless, sterile “grand” hotel in Bermuda and each one of us wanted to turn round and fly back to Habana! Our compliments and sincere thanks to all who put in such an effort to make our visit most memorable.”

D Smith, London

“Cuba was intoxicating and the Esencia team looked after us wonderfully and were always at hand.”

David Wright, Entrepreneur

“I find Cuba irresistible because of its passionate and colourful cultural heritage. As a restaurateur I would always steer clear of the world’s mainstream “all-inclusives”, however Esencia’s team with their local specialist know-how showed me a different perspective: that Cuba has many great attractions and indeed a great culinary tradition. Without fail the team at Esencia have made every experience unique, rich and memorable and we continue to return to the island and rely on their wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Brian Bendix, Canada

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