Tobacco and Rum

Cuba's most famous beverage is rum. Discover the making process, from freshly cut sugar cane to fermenting and distilling techniques to the construction and preparation of the oak barrels for the ageing process.

Cuba was the first country in Latin America to use the railway for the transportation of sugar cane, and was the world´s leading sugar producer until the 1960s.

Cuba has a long tradition of rum-based cocktail making dating back to the Wartime Prohibition Act passed by U.S. Congress banning the sale of alcoholic beverages and also to the Cuban War of Independence which was the start of experimentation with mixing. Discover the history of cocktail making and the origin of the most well-known Cuban cocktails, including the variations of each and new recipes.

The abundant rainfall and rich red soil of Vuelta Abajo means the area is famous for producing the finest quality tobacco leaves.

More than 80,000 acres are planted annually in the province, the best being found around the villages of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis. Growing tobacco is done with skills passed down from generation to generation over the past two centuries.

Ask any cigar aficionado and they will tell you that Cuban cigars are undoubtedly the best in the world. Havana is dotted with factories where these world class premium cigars are lovingly hand-rolled by professional workers, their skills often passed down from one generation to the next. Rollers select and bunch the leaves before rolling them into the superbly crafted pieces.

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