Nightlife and Live Music

Nothing can match the richness, diversity and liveliness of Cuban music and dance scenes. It is the birthplace of salsa, and where the African drums first courted the Spanish guitar.

Havana is a cultural hotspot where you have plenty of options to enjoy music of all genres including jazz, salsa, son, rumba, pop and classical as well as fantastic cabaret shows and dance, particularly ballet.

Recognized both nationally and internationally for combining dance and percussion, the acclaimed Havana Compás Dance group has garnered more than a decade´s worth of experience in promoting Cuban culture.

Originally founded in 2004 under the direction of dancer and choreographer Liliet Rivera and percussionist and artist Eduardo Cordova, the group developed an innovative and creative form of fusing Spanish dance and African percussion.

Havana features a magnificent Jazz Festival in January and listening to latin jazz bands in La Zorra y el Cuervo is not to be missed.

Fabrica del Arte Cubano is located in the cooking-oil factory turned into a community project and has become the city´s creative hub. It has galleries, live performances and a dance floor that features the most captivating dancers.

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