Baseball and Boxing

Baseball is considered the national sport in Cuba.

Despite its American origin, baseball is strongly associated with Cuban nationalism. It became the most played sport in the country already in the 1870s. Amateur leagues are the heart and soul of Cuban baseball. The desire to throw, catch and hit a baseball is ingrained in the youngest players.

After the Revolution the organization of the game and the role of the sport in the society was transformed, and aimed at advancing in the social and political priorities. Since then, the island has remained the powerhouse of the world amateur baseball.

Boxing is a very popular sport in Cuba.

There are approximately 200 gyms and facilities across the country, almost 500 coaches and 19,000 boxers, including 80 olympic athletes.

The Cuban government used sports as a means of exhibiting the success of the new socialist regime, and winning medals in international competitions became one of the best ways of promoting the ideals of the new Cuba. The Cuban amateur boxing system start in grammar schools. It is frequent to see young children and teens training in the streets and squares of Cuban towns and cities.

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