Havana! Possibly the most beautiful capital of the Americas, with her gorgeous colonial cityscape, stunning architecture and virtuoso dancers and musicians, her vintage cars and her buzzing street corners, will make you fall in love.

An old Chevvy festooned with chrome rumbles along a street past decaying palaces and homes. As it shunts and splutters, reggaeton blasts from its radio provoking a shoulder dance among the passengers crammed into the back. Turning a corner, the máquina creaks past walls splashed with propaganda depicting Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and slogans celebrating the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Out on to the sea road, salty water splashes over the Malecón, and under the colonial columns salsa sizzles out of windows. An old man, a stogie clamped between his lips, spills a salutary drop of rum onto the steaming tarmac as the American automobile swings by.

Since 1982 the key streets and plazas of Old Havana have slowly been returned to their former glory. Stunning baroque churches, Spanish colonial structures and neoclassical buildings line the narrow streets and charming squares, the historical treasures of this 500 year old city.

Some of the city´s most important landmarks are the Capitolio, the Plaza de la Revolucion and the famous Malecón, - 8kms of sea promenade on Havana´s northern coast, and a favourite spot for socializing amongst the locals. In the 5th Avenue discover the residential neighbourhoods of Miramar and Siboney where the super wealthy once lived in enormous mansions.

Ay Cuba! This enigmatic Caribbean island’s allure lies in its blend of musical rhythms and tropical balm.

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